🔥 New feature 1: store datasets on IPFS/Filecoin for fast share/retrieve by add link in article. Example article 1: 100GiB+ machine translation dataset( Under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license)

🔥 New feature 2: store articles on IPFS/Filecoin to avoid 404. Example article: Trust (The article will be stored in Filecoin network when the author decides to do so)

🔥 New feature 3: Rewards creators and sharers with Filecoin & Likecoin. Example article: Trust (You can send author/sharer Filecoin if you like)

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Today Quote: 2006年,两名美国学生完成了一个名为“发送阳光”的项目。如果手机发现,你的朋友在天气不好的地方,而你在天气很好的地方,那么手机就会提示你,拍一张照片发送给朋友,让他们振作起来。后来,两人当中的 Mike Krieger 创建了 Instagram。 -- 《经济学人》